libsane-epson-perfection: Official Drivers for Epson Scanners

Sane is a powerfull Linux tool that permits to use scanners. Unfortunately, the Epson Perfection 2580 scanner is not completely recognized by the drivers provided by Sane.

The libsane-epson-perfection packages provide the official Epson's Windows® drivers inside a Debian/Ubuntu package.

Supported Scanners

The supported scanners are described inside the following table. You are welcome to give feedback on not-tested scanners.

ModelConnexion TypePackageVersionStatus
Perfection 660usblibsane-epson-perfection-16703.0not tested
Perfection 1670usblibsane-epson-perfection-16703.0ok (thanks to Ian)
Perfection 2480usblibsane-epson-perfection-25803.0ok (thanks to Isaric)
Perfection 2580usblibsane-epson-perfection-25803.0ok
Perfection 3200usblibsane-epson-perfection-32003.0not tested

Manual Installation of the Windows® Firmware

To add the support of the Epson Perfection Scanner in the Sane daemon you have the choice between installing Espon’s Iscan drivers and to install the Epson firmware from the Windows® drivers.

Install the Windows® Epson’s Firmware:

  1. from your Windows®’s installation, copy the file into the directory /usr/lib/epson-perfection/;
  2. edit the file /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf to provide the path to the new copied firmware.