MediaWiki Extension Events

Change Log

  • Enforce the automatic creation of the database.
  • Events.class.php: Avoid warning for unprovided function parameters.
  • Events.class.php: Display short date in list of events.
  • Events.class.php: Change hook handlers for event popup box.
  • i18n: Add each language translation has a dedicated file in i18n directory.
  • Events.i18n.php: Load the files inside i18n directory.
  • EventUtil.php: replace Nowdoc syntax by older string concatenation to avoid compilation error on PHP prior to 5.3.0.
  • EventUtil.php: Add database table 'eventglobal'.
  • Events.php: global variables $wgEventsOldAge and $wgEventsYoungAge are introduced.
  • SpecialEvents.class.php: use global variables $wgEventsOldAge and $wgEventsYoungAge, if not set respectively '30' and '365' values, to skip too far events in the past or the future.
  • SpecialClearEvents.class.php: Add a special page to delete all event related tables in the database.
  • Add pgSQL support.
  • Add automatic creation of the event tables in pgSQL and MySQL databases.
  • Apply recent Mediawiki extension writing rules.
  • Add output customization with CSS classes.
  • First Public Release on Mediawiki website.