Astah: Java UML Modeller
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Astah is a lightweight UML editor integrated with ERD, DFD, CRUD and Mind mapping features for software developers. Developers, analysts, testers and managers can communicate with one another effectively using Astah diagrams because all the diagrams are consistently stored in one model. Besides the standalone editions, "Astah share"(a web server edition) will boost the communication by providing a web-browser view of the shared diagrams so that the team can exchange comments like social network services.

The previous versions of Astah have been known as JUDE.

Two repositories are now providing the Astah* packages: Arakhnê.org, and Change Vision.

To obtain the package from Arakhnê.org, please follow the instructions on the page Ubuntu Repository of Arakhnê.org.

To obtain the package from Change Vision, you should follow the following steps to use this repository: